Best Books for Maths Shortcuts, Speed Calculation Tricks and Vedic Maths for Fast Calculations

Mathematics and quantitative aptitude is an essential and most important part of most of the competitive examinations. Accuracy and good speed is required to score good marks in this section and improve your merit and hence chances of success. Below we have collected links to some best books for quick formulate, shortcuts,  speed calculation tricks and vedic mathematics to help you improve your speed and accuracy to score good marks and crack any competitive exam. These books are to buy from Flipkart or Amazon best websites to buy books online with home delivery options and heavy discounts.


How To Become A Human Calculator?: With The Magic Of Vedic Maths (English) 2nd Revised Edition 2015 Edition by Author: Aditi Singhal, Language: English, Publisher: S. Chand Publishing

  • Released - 2015


Magical Book On Quicker Maths (English) 4th Edition by Author: M. Tyra, Language: English, Publisher: BSC Publishing

  • Released - 2015


Vedic Mathematics Made Easy (With VCD) (English) by Author: Dhaval Bathia, Language: English, Publisher: Jaico

  • Released - 2015


Practice Book On Quicker Maths (English) 2nd Edition by Author: M. Tyra &K Kundan, Language: English, Publisher: BSC Publishing

  • Released - 2015


Fast Track Objective Arithmetic (English) Completely Revised Edition by Author: Rajesh Verma, Language: English, Publisher: Arihant

  • Released - 2015


Quickest Mathematics: Quantitative Aptitude & Numerical Ability Useful for all Competitive Exams Paperback – 2014 by Pratiyogita Kiran (Author)

  • Released - 2014

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