English Vocabulary Important and High Frequency English Words with Hindi Meaning Set - 19 | Download in PDF

A good command in English vocabulary is very important as English is mandatory for almost all UPSC, SSC, Banking and other competitive examinations. Here we are publishing most frequently asked and highly used English words to help candidates preparing for competitive exams easily crack English section.

English Vocabulary Important and High Frequency English Words with Hindi Meaning Set - 19

English Vocabulary High Frequency Word List Set -19

1. Endow:

Meaning: To give money or property, furnish, धन प्रदान करना, प्रदान करना

Example: He endowed the temple with lands.

2. Endurance:

Meaning: The power to withstand hardship or stress, धैर्य, सहनशीलता

Example: I was close to the limit of my endurance.

3. Ensue:

Meaning: Happen afterward, follow, succeed, पीछा करना, खोज करना

Example: The difficulties ensued after the death of their father.

4. Entangle:

Meaning: Cause to become twisted, entrap, उलझना, जाल में फसना

Example: The people should not entangle in the past.

5. Exaggerate:

Meaning: Amplify, modify, do something in excess, अतिरंजना करना

Example: He exaggerated it last night when he did 100 pushups

6. Exalt:

Meaning: Praise, glorify, hold in high regard, प्रशंसा करना, सराहना करना

Example: The ministers exalted the humble shoemaker to the rank of King's adviser.

7. Exclaim:

Meaning: Cry out suddenly especially in pain, surprise or anger, चिल्लाना, पुकारना

Example:  I won, he exclaimed.

8. Expatriate:

Meaning: A person who lives outside their native country, प्रवासी

Example: PM conducted meeting a with Indian expatriates.

9. Explicit:

Meaning: Stated clearly, in accordance with fact, सुस्पष्ट,  साफ़ साफ़

Example: Authors intentions were not made explicit.

10. Extricate:

Meaning: To free, release, समाधान करना, मुक्त करना

Example: Yon can not extricate yourself from this task

To memorize these vocabulary words try to make at least five sentences of each word yourself and you can comment it below in comment section.

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