10 Last Month Preparation Tips for CA CPT Dec 2017 Exam- Guest Post by Kunal

One of the most frequently asked questions these days is how to prepare for CA CPT Dec 2017 exam in order to score good marks in just one month. As we already know that, CA CPT exam Dec 2017 will be conducted on Sunday 17th December 2017 by ICAI, just one month is left behind. It’s the time when the aspirants are required to speed up their preparation. One month is good enough for CA CPT  preparation for those candidates who are regular to their studies and practice.

You must note down that the next one month is very decisive for you.

Now with just only one month left for CA CPT exam December 2017 preparation, it is very important to speed up your preparation plan to make the best use of the remaining time. A crucial point note here is that instead of wasting time on clearing the new concepts, this is the time to overcome from your weak areas. Additionally, one important thing to do is to divide your next one month in a strategic preparation plan.

Is this one month time is enough for getting the high score in CA CPT December 2017 exam?
Most of the candidates who preparing for CA CPT exam asked this question very frequently. My answer to question is “Prepare sincerely and even one month is not less to score good marks, just be sincere and devote some time every day to your CA CPT exam preparation.”

Therefore, do not doubt on your ability to clear CA CPT exam December 2017 in just one month. In this situation, having a productive mindset for preparation of CA CPT exam December 2017 will help you to score good marks in CA CPT exam.

With only 30 days left for CA CPT exam December 2017 preparation, you need to devote this valuable time to developing your own action plan in a way that every day is counted and productive.
Now in this 30 days of preparations, you must focus more on improvement in your weak areas, rather than learning new concepts. What you already learned, you should focus on improving them.
Read this post to know 10 Last Month Preparation Tips for CA CPT exam December 2017

1. Know all about CA CPT exam

The first step for starting the preparation for CA CPT exam is know all about the CA CPT exam pattern and CA CPT syllabus.
As you already know from 2018, it will be CA Foundation and there are 2 subjective subjects and 2 objective subjects instead of 4 objective subjects like CA CPT. So read your syllabus thoroughly.
Next, you need a detailed planning before you start preparing for the exam.
To do this, you need to go through previous years CA-CPT question papers and analysis so you can understand the importance of each topic and set your priorities accordingly.

2. Complete your syllabus first

This is not just meant in the sense that you must have completed all the topics mentioned in your syllabus.You need to know the exact location to fish the best output. Ignore the extra unimportant topics and focus on important topics.

Since we know that CA CPT exam covers NCERT syllabus as well, so you can compare the CA CPT exam syllabus with your Board exam syllabus. If there are any common chapters then it is beneficial for you because you do not need to prepare them separately.

This will give you the extra time to focus on the parts of the syllabus that are not studied.

3. Practice Mock test regularly

A Study has shown that one thing has common in all CA CPT exam toppers and that one thing is they regularly give the mock tests. Toppers like to solve the more and more mock test.

This is like the Holy Grail of CA-CPT preparation.Select cpt onlineTest Series and give all the tests very sincerely in a simulated environment. 

Practicing mock tests will not only give you a good idea about the time management during the exam, but they will also help you to know about the difficulty level of questions that will be asked in CA CPT exam.
Practicing the mock test will also boost your confidence.

4. Focus on your strengths

Now with just only one month left for CA CPT exam December 2017, it is time for you to focus on your strong areas.
Focusing on your strengths will not only boost your confidence but it also helps you to get the higher marks in the exam. While giving the test, scan the questions in a particular section and pick the questions according to your strength area or strong area. Give topicwise test also in your strong topics so that you would not make silly mistakes and it will help you to increase your accuracy level.

5 Handle your Weaknesses

You should wisely handle your weak areas. Do not spend too much time on these areas. Prepare your weak area topic only when the topic carries higher weightage in the CA CPT paper. Learn the basics first and then practice as many types of questions as possible from your weak areas. Make a separate notebook of your mistakes and try not to repeat those mistakes in future practice. Also, clarified your all doubts and queries from your coaching institute mentor, no matter how silly it may seem.

6. Avoid Starting any Fresh Topics

Now with just only one month left for CA CPT exam December 2017 preparation,  there is no point in starting a fresh topic at this moment.
Do not worry about the topics you have missed out to prepared. Rather do the revision of the topics which you have prepared so far. At this stage, if you start a fresh topic then You would not be able to grasp the fresh topic completely and you waste your valuable time in trying to do it also.
Therefore, I would suggest you not to start a new topic at this stage.

7. Taking Revision seriously

Revision is the most important factor in your CA CPT exam preparation. You would not be able to score as per your expectations, if you do not revise regularly what you have learned so far. Many times Students underestimated the importance of revision. You will always keep in your mind that if you do not revise what you learn then you lose the 80 percent of the information you learned. In this one month of preparation keep a day exclusively only for the revision.

8. Choosing the good study material

Selecting the right study material for CA CPT exam preparation is a little bit confusing.There is ample study material available even for those who do not take coaching for the CA-CPT exam. A lot of books, question banks, preparatory books, and sample question papers are available in bookstores as well as the online market.
You must pick the right and quality study material for doing best in CA CPT exam preparations. It is not about how much material you have studied but it is all about how much quality of material you have studied.

9. Do not ignore your Health

The most important mistake that each and every student do is that they ignoring their health. To excel in any exam you have to be fit in both mental and physical health. If you are working hard and study continuously for long hours but on the final day of examination you are sick then all your hard work is wasted. If you are unwell or unable to write the paper on the examination day then all your preparation is going into the garbage. So always, remember to take adequate breaks between studies, do not obsessed with preparation. If you do some physical exercise like playing sports or doing jogging in breaks then that’s the best kind of breaks you can have. The breaks that you take must be physical in nature. Eat always healthy food and drinks lots of water in a day. Always take 7-8 hours of sleep in a day.

10. Always have Positive Attitude

Always remember one thing that “Your Attitude Determines your Altitude”.
Your attitude towards the preparation process decides the effectiveness of the learning process. If you prepare with a negative approach and keep saying that you can not do it, then this will not help you in the preparation process. A negative approach towards things will only make things difficult.
The moment you start thinking positively, then the brain will show greater opportunities. You should shut out all the negative thoughts and self-doubts during this last one month preparation time period.

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