SBI Associate Bank Clerk/ Assistant Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability Model Test Paper 2 Solved Question Paper with Answer Key 2015

Here we have published 15 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with answer key of Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability for SBI Associate Banks Clerk/ Assistant recruitment 2015 online examination. Hope you found it helpful and we wish you all the success for this exam.

Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability Test Paper - 2 for SBI Associate Bank Clerk/ Assistant Exam 2015

Q.1. The ratio between the three angles of a quadrilateral is 13 : 9 : 5 respectively. The value of the fourth angle of the quadrilateral is 36°. What is the difference between the largest and the second smallest angles of the quadrilateral?
(A) 104 Degree
(B) 108 Degree
(C) 96 Degree
(D) 72 Degree
(E) None of these

Q.2. A 280 meter long train moving with an average speed of 108 km/hr crosses a platform in 12 seconds. A man crosses the same platform in 10 seconds. What is the speed of the man in meter / second?
(A) 8m/s
(B) 5m/s
(C) 12m/s
(D) Cannot be determined
(E) None of these

Q.3 Call rate of a sim company-A is 1 paisa for every 3 seconds. Another sim company-B charges 45 paisa per minute. A man talked 591 seconds from Sim Company-A and 780 seconds from sim company-B. What would be the total amount he spent?
(A) Rs. 7.80
(B) Rs. 7.46
(C) Rs. 7.82
(D) Rs. 7.40
(E) Rs. 8.46

Q.4. The sum of six consecutive even numbers of set-A is 402. What is the sum of another set-B of four consecutive numbers whose lowest number is 15 less than double the lowest number of set- A?
(A) 444
(B) 440
(C) 442
(D) 446
(E) 438

Q.5. Suresh purchased an item of Rs. 46,000 and sold it at loss of 12 per cent. With that amount he purchased another item and sold it at a gain of 12 per cent. What was his overall gain/loss?
(A) Loss of Rs. 662.40
(B) Profit of Rs. 662.40
(C) Loss of Rs. 642.80
(D) Profit of Rs. 642.80
(E) None of these

Q.6. (95.6x 910.3) ÷ 92.56256 = 9?
(A) 13.14
(B) 12.96
(C) 12.43
(D) 13.34
(E) None of these

Q.7. (4 86%of 6500) ÷ 36 =?
(A) 867.8
(B) 792.31
(C) 877.5
(D) 799.83
(E) None of these

Q.8. (12.11)2 + (?)2 = 732.2921
(B) 24.2
(D) 19.2
(E) None of these

Q.9. 576÷ ?x114=8208
(E) None of these

Q.10. (1024—263—233)÷(986—764— 156) =?
(E) None of these

Q.11. The present ages of Chetna and Shikha are in the ratio of 5 :7 respectively. After 7 years, their ages will be in the ratio of 11:14 respectively. What is the difference between their ages?
(A)9 years
(B) 4 years
(C)5 years
(D) 7 years
(E) None of these

Q.12. If 13 men can complete a piece of work in 36 days, then in how many days will 18 men complete the same work?
(A)16 days
(B) 20 days
(C)26 days
(D) 30 days
(E) None of these

Q.13. If the area of a circle is 75.44 square cm then what is the circumference of the circle?
(A)29.2 cm
(B) 28.9 cm
(C)30.8 cm
(D) 40.2 cm
(E) None of these

Q.14. Girish started a business investing Rs. 45,000. After 3 months, Vijay joined him with a capital of Rs. 60,000. After another 6 months, Ankush joined them with a capital of Rs. 90,000. At the end of the year, they made a profit of Rs. 16,500. What is Girish’s share of profit ?
(A) Rs. 5,500
(B) Rs. 6,000
(C) Rs. 6,600
(D) As. 5,900
(E) None of these

Q.15. What is the average age of a family of five members, whose ages are 42, 49, 56, 63 and 35 years respectively?
(A)60 years
(B) 49 years
(C)45 years
(D) 58 years
(E) None of these

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