SBI Associate Bank Clerk/ Assistant Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability Model Test Paper 1 Solved Question Paper with Answer Key 2015

Here we have published 15 MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) with answer key of Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability for SBI Associate Banks Clerk/ Assistant recruitment 2015 online examination. Hope you found it helpful and we wish you all the success for this exam.

Quantitative Aptitude/ Numerical Ability Test Paper - 1 for SBI Associate Bank Clerk/ Assistant Exam 2015

Q.1. The smallest side of a right-angled triangle is 8 cm less than the side of a square of perimeter 56 cm, The second largest side of the right-angled triangle is 4 cm less than the length of the rectangle of area 96 sq cm and breadth 8 cm. What is the largest side of the right-angled triangle?
(A) 12cm
(B) 20cm
(C) 15cm
(D) 10cm
(E) None of these

Q.2. Lakshmi's monthly income is four times Ramesh's monthly income. Ramesh's monthly income is twenty per cent (20%) more than Santhi's monthly income. Santhi's monthly income is Rs. 22,000. What is Lakshmi's monthly income?
(A) Rs. 1, 06, 500
(B) Rs. 1, 04, 500
(C) Rs. 1, 05, 600
(D) Rs. 1, 05, 400
(E) None of these

Q.3. The ratio of the present age of Manoj to that of Wasim is 3 : 11. Wasim is 12 years younger than Rehana. Rehana's age after 7 years will be 85 years. What is the present age of Manoj's father, who is 25 years older than Manoj?
(A) 45 years
(B) 69 years
(C) 67 years
(D) 43 years
(E) None of these

Q.4. Five-ninths of a number is equal to twenty five percent of the second number. The second number is equal to one-fourth of the third number. The value of the third number is 2960. What is 30 per cent of the first number?
(A) 99.9
(B) 88.8
(C) 66.6
(D) 77.7
(E) None of these

Q.5. The length of a rectangle is three-fifths of the side of a square. The radius of a circle is equal to side of the square. The circumference of the circle is 132 cm. What is the area of the rectangle if the breadth of the rectangle is 8 cm?
(A) 112.4 sq cm
(B) 100.8 sq cm
(C) 104.2 sq cm
(D) Cannot be determined
(E) None of these

Q.6. ?125÷5x ?=6265
(B) 1250
(D) 1550
(E) None of these

Q.7. (42)2÷6.3 x 26 =?
(B) 7269
(D) 7240
(E) None of these

Q.8. 384×12×2=?
(B) 9216
(D) 6814
(E) None of these

Q.9. 6534÷40÷33=?
(B) 5.25
(D) 6.12
(E) None of these

Q.10. ?2704 x ?2209=?
(E)None of these

Q.11. A and B are two taps which can fill a tank individually in 10 minutes and 20 minutes respectively. However, there is a leakage at the bottom which can empty a filled tank in 40 minutes. If the tank is empty initially, how much time will both the taps take to fill the tank (leakage is still there) ?
(A) 8 minutes
(B) 7 minutes
(C) 10 minutes
(D)15 minutes
(E) None of these

Q.12. What is 50% of 40% of Rs. 3,450?
(A) Rs. 690
(B) As. 520
(C) Rs. 517.5
(D) Rs. 499.2
(E) None of these

Q.13. If an amount of Rs. 5,86,700 is distributed equally amongst 25 persons, then how much would each person get?
(A) Rs. 2,54,876
(B) Rs. 2,34,68
(C) Rs. 3,74,20
(D) Rs. 1,95,62
(E) None of these

Q.14. An urn contains 9 blue, 7 white and 4 black balls. If 2 balls are drawn at random, then what is the probability that only one ball is white?
(A) 71/190
(B) 121/190
(C) 91/190
(D) 93/190
(E) None of these

Q.15. If the price of 5 transistors and 2 pen stands is Rs. 810, then what will be the price of 7 transistors and 9 pen stands?
(A) Rs. 1,320
(B) Rs. 1,500
(C) Rs.1,150
(D) Cannot be determined
(E) None of these

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