English Vocabulary Important and High Frequency English Words with Hindi Meaning Set - 20 | Download in PDF

A good command in English vocabulary is very important as English is mandatory for almost all UPSC, SSC, Banking and other competitive examinations. Here we are publishing most frequently asked and highly used English words to help candidates preparing for competitive exams easily crack English section.

English Vocabulary Important and High Frequency English Words with Hindi Meaning Set - 20

English Vocabulary High Frequency Word List Set - 20

1. Fallacy:

Meaning: Illusion, deception, mistaken belief on the based on arguments, भ्रान्ति, तर्कदोश

Example: The notion that camera never lies is a fallacy. .

2. Fastidious:

Meaning: Very attentive to concerned about accuracy and detail, तुनकमिजाज

Example: Choose your words with fastidious care, he warned.

3. Feeble:

Meaning: Weak, lacking physical strength, कमजोर

Example: I saw a feeble old man boarding the bus.

4. Felicity:

Meaning: Joy, intense happiness, परम सुख, आनंद

Example: My heart was filled with sheer felicity when I realized that I had won the raffle.

5. Figurative:

Meaning: Not literal, metaphorical, अलंकारिक,

Example: His highly figurative language leaves everyone in doubt.

6. Flimsy:

Meaning: Thin, trivial, lacking strength, कमजोर, निर्बल, पतला, महीन

Example: They crossed the sea with flimsy boats.

7. Fortify:

Meaning: Secure, strength, मजबूत करना

Example:  This exercise will fortify your upper body.

8. Fragile:

Meaning: Weak, brittle, easily broken, नाजुक

Example: We damage fragile ecosystem by dumping plastic waste.

9. Frivolous:

Meaning: Foolish, vain, not having any serious purpose, तुच्छ, ओछा

Example: He got angry by his frivolous remark.

10. Futile:

Meaning: Pointless, useless, vain, निरर्थक, व्यर्थ

Example: They made futile attempt to keep fans from mounting the stage.

To memorize these vocabulary words try to make at least five sentences of each word yourself and you can comment it below in comment section.

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