General Knowledge GK Sample Practice Test Paper - 39 MCQs Multiple Choice Question with Answer Key | Download in PDF

Below we have published 10 General Knowledge questions with answer key and solution. We have tried to publish only most important GK questions helpful for students preparing for IAS, IES, CDS, NDA, UPSC exams, State PSC Public Service Commission Exams and other competitive examinations. You can also download this question paper in PDF from link below.
General Knowledge GK Sample Practice Test Paper - 39

General Knowledge GK MCQs Model Test Paper - 39

Q.1.Who resigned from Viceroy's Executive Council as a protest against Jallianwala Bagh Massacre?

A) Mahatma Gandhi
B) Rabindra Nath Tagore
C) Shankaran Nayar
D) Jamnalal Bajaj
E) None of the above

Q.2. Who among the following has welcomed Vasco - da- Gama at Calicut?

A) Gasper Correa
B) Albuquerque
C) Zamorin
D) Don Almaida
E) None of these

Q.3. The year of Bengal Famine in which millions of people died is -

A) 1942
B) 1943
C) 1944
D) 1945
E) None of these

Q.4. 2015 Cricket World Cup was held in  -

A) England
B) Australia and Newzeland
C) South Africa
D) West Indies
E) None of these

Q.5. Which type of market is suitable for vegetable crops? 

A) Short term
B) Very short term
C) Long term
D) Very long term
E) None of above

Q.6. The radio isotope used in the detection of tumour is -  

A) Arsenic - 74
B) Cobalt - 60
C) Sodium - 24
D) Carbon - 14
E) None of above

Q.7. Which of the following countries has lower density of population?

A) Canada
B) Finland
C) Norway
D) Russia
E) None of these

Q.8. 'Sky Dive' is the name of Cloud Computing Service of which one of the following companies?

A) Vodafone
C) Micro
D) Airtel
E) None of these

Q.9. Chlorophyll contains-

A) Iron
B) Copper
C) Magnesium
D) Maganese
E) None of these

Q.10. Sikkim became a new State by which one of the following Constitutional Amendments?   

A) 30th
B) 34th
C) 35th
D) 36th
E) None of these

We have tried our best to present only  important GK questions with correct answer key. Any suggestion or update about any erroneous entry or answer is always appreciable. Please comment your score or any suggestion in comment section below or you can write to us at We will be glad to help you.

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