English Vocabulary Important and High Frequency English Words with Hindi Meaning Set - 21 | Download in PDF

A good command in English vocabulary is very important as English is mandatory for almost all UPSC, SSC, Banking and other competitive examinations. Here we are publishing most frequently asked and highly used English words to help candidates preparing for competitive exams easily crack English section.

English Vocabulary Important and High Frequency English Words with Hindi Meaning Set - 21

English Vocabulary High Frequency Word List Set - 21

1. Gaiety:

Meaning: Festivity, state of being lighthearted or cheerful, मौज- मस्ती

Example: The most prominent trait of Japanese disposition is gaiety of heart.

2. Gallantry:

Meaning: Courageous behavior, bravery, heroism, शौर्य, बहादुरी, वीरता

Example: Choose your words with fastidious care, he warned.

3. Ghastly:

Meaning: Causing horror or fear, भयंकर, विकराल

Example: General laughed in rather a ghastly way.

4. Gauche:

Meaning: Socially awkward, lacking social polish, फूहड़, भद्दा

Example: I saw a gauche teenager walking across street.

5. Gloomy:

Meaning: Dark, dim, अंधकारमय, उदास

Example: We were terrified while moving through gloomy forest.

6. Grandeur:

Meaning: Splendor, greatness, शान, एश्वर्य

Example: I was fascinated by the austere grandeur of mountain scenery.

7. Gratitude:

Meaning: Quality of being thankful, आभार, कृतज्ञ

Example:  He expressed gratitude to the committee for their support.

8. Grudge:

Meaning: Feeling of ill will or resentment, असंतोष

Example: He was holding grudge for his former boss.

9. Gruesome:

Meaning: Repelling, inspiring horror, भीषण, भयंकर

Example: That was gruesome murder.

10. Gullible:

Meaning: Trusting, naive and easily deceived, भोला, सीधा-साधा

Example: At that early age she had been gullible and in love.

To memorize these vocabulary words try to make at least five sentences of each word yourself and you can comment it below in comment section.

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