English Vocabulary Important and High Frequency English Words with Hindi Meaning Set - 15 | Download in PDF

A good command in English vocabulary is very important as English is mandatory for almost all UPSC, SSC, Banking and other competitive examinations. Here we are publishing most frequently asked and highly used English words to help candidates preparing for competitive exams easily crack English section.

English Vocabulary Important and High Frequency English Words with Hindi Meaning Set - 15

English Vocabulary High Frequency Word List Set -15

1. Consign:

Meaning: To hand over, to deliver, to transmit, सौंपना, भेजना

Example: He consigned three paintings to Sotheby's

2. Contention:

Meaning: Heated agreement, विवाद, कलह

Example: The teams were in fierce contention for first place.

3. Contrite:

Meaning: Feeling or expressing pain, remorseful, पश्चाताप

Example: The court heard that he was contrite and bitterly regretted his actions.

4. Convolute:

Meaning: Rolled together, coiled up, च्चकर किया हुआ, लपेटा हुआ

Example: Don't convolute my words.

5. Counterpart:

Meaning: A person or thing identical to another, समकक्ष, प्रतिरूप

Example: The minister held talk with his German counterpart.

6. Courtesy:

Meaning: Politeness, goodness, शिष्टाचार, विनम्रता

Example: We paid a courtesy visit to the new neighbors.

7. Coy:

Meaning: Shy, modest, reserved, लज्जाशील, संकोची

Example:  She treated him to a coy smile of invitation.

8. Craven:

Meaning: Cowardly, abjectly fearful, कायर

Example: They offered a craven proposal to raise the white flag.

9. Credence:

Meaning: Reliance, confidence, यकीन, साख

Example: He gave credence to the gossip.

10. Culpable:

Meaning: Deserving blame, faulty criminal, दंड योग्य, दोषी

Example: Sometimes you're just as culpable when you watch something as when you actually participate.

To memorize these vocabulary words try to make at least five sentences of each word yourself and you can comment it below in comment section.

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